Are you thinking which corset would be better for you? Or perhaps only breastpads? Here are some tips! If you like some dress, but not the style of corset, all can be changed!!!

Bra with see-through corset

If you choose this type, please try at first that exactly this type of bra would suit to your breast. It is suitable for mostly A or B cups and bigger size.

breast pads and see-through corset

suitable if you wish corset the least visible the possible

Only breastpads

if you dont like any wires and wish to feel free not push or tighten up. In this case fabric is see thsough, however we can make it NOT see through if you wish

Full corset not see through

great to keep boobs sexy and push up, no need to use a bra as this has a bra sewn in between the material and its also great to make your waist slimmer shape if used with " lace-up" combination