How to easily measure correctly

It is important to see all pictures and masure yourself correctly. It is not difficult and most measure you can do by yourself. 


  • measure the biggest part around breast, over nipples
  • stand in front of mirror to see it better
  • if you don´t plan to wear a bra under the dress, please measure without it

Under the breast

  • some dresses have high waist, which starts under breast especially pregnancy dresses


  • measure slimmest part of belly, if there is none, than around belly button
  • do not measure lower fat!

low waist

  • this is the place most people have belly fat


  • measur ethe biggest part around your hips


  • all height without shoes!

underarm to ground

  • stand straight
  • measure from a side till ground
  • without a shoes

waist to ground

  • as you see
  • without shoes

houlder to shoulder

  • measure from beginning to an end
  • NOT where is a bra straps!
  • you can mease seem to seam to seam on a non stretchy blouse

sleeve lenght

  • measure from shoulder seam to desired length


  • bend your hand as poppey the sailorman and measure the biggest part


  • measure only the heel

If you are unsure about anything, please contact us.