How to order?

Choose dress no#, style, material and contact us to make your desired dress or fi you wish dress without changes, put in a basket and proceed. In a message for seller write the desired color.

How to pay?

* PayPal

* Western Union

* Moneygram

Can the dress have detachable train?

The only collection, that has an " eye" under dress skirt, which you can attach to the hand while dancing is " collection Luxury". Otherwise we don't make it, but you can ask a seamstress in your country to do it.

How long takes to make and deliver a dress?

It all depends on the season. In high season, holiday time, etc. designer and postal services are busier and therefore some delay may happen. However, the usual time for delivery is 8 - 12weeks.

The prices are including EU VAT tax, however, exclude postal custom tax (each country has different rules, therefore each customer is responsible to find out if there will be some extra cost necessary, the customer is responsible for that payment.

When is the best time to order a dress?

We have so many different customers. Some customers order very last minute short time before the wedding (3 months before) and some even a year or more before the wedding. The best time according to us is anytime after the engagement as long as you don't plan to lose or put on weight. If your body is more of a " yo-yo diet style" than we recommend to order as late as possible and definitely lace-up style. (12 weeks before).

What is included in the price?

* dress + other accessories you have bought

* petticoat if needed

* instructions, how to care about your dress

Is possible to make dress completely according to my wishes for example if I send you a photo?

NO. We do designer brand dresses and some designers are willing to make certain changes, which are written to each collection, but it is not allowed to make someone else's collection.

What materials are used to make a dress?

Each dress has different material, but mainly we use satin, tulle, chiffon, lace, and decoration glitters sequins...

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Will the dress look just like on the photo?

YES! the dresses are made from designers in Europe, so all are an original, brand and definitely no copy, NOT as Chinese sellers do or many other sellers order from CHINA, which is low horrible quality, but NOT US! What you see is exactly what you will receive!

All our photos are original either made by designers themselves or by us.

If you are unsure about the material of your chosen dress, we can send you privately video or Real ( on mannequin or shop stock).

Which dress closure is best?

 We did notice from foreign brides, especially in the UK, that most shops offer only zippers, which is very wrong. We do recommend to choose in most collection zipper with lace-up style. That means, that even if the dress will be sewn to fit you exactly as a zipper, you can still lace it and shape your body up, no matter if you are petite or a plus bride and other collections opt for lace-up. Like this, you do not need to worry if you put some weight on or if you lose weight as much as any dress that has to sew bra in or corset wires, you need to make that gorgeous " push up" effect only with lace-up!

Do i need to clean dress after receiving?

No. Dress will be new and clean, however, surely from packaging will be necessary to iron it. How to do it, you will find in the instruction paper we send in the package or we will send you by email. If your dry cleaning service also offers the only an ironing option ( they clean it with steam), than you don't have to do it yourself.

will the dress need any other fitting?

8 From 10 customers do not need any extra fitting, however, even when the dress is custom made, it is possible, that it might need to be better fitted on your body especially if you order a dress with a zipper instead of lace-up or mermaid style dress. If that happens, you need to count to find a seamstress in your country and pay her yourself, because it is not our fault.

custom postal tax

We send our dresses to many countries and the price EXCLUDE postal custom tax. Each country has different rules, therefore each customer is responsible find out, whether will have to pay some tax in your country or not. The dresses are sent from UKRAINE (non EU country).