This collection:

  • made in white or ivory lace, but other materials can be different colors
  • price does not include postage
  • price is for dresses made according to a size chart UK6-UK14, larger size needs extra fee
  • the custom exact measure made is possible (an extra fee will apply)

changes possible:

  1. sleeves/not
  2. train/no train
  3. zipper/lace-up / buttons
  4. slit/no slit
  5. corset: full/ see-through / breast pads/ depth of neckline or backline
  6. possibility of basic mix & match such as the top of one dress, skirt of another dress

How to order?

1/ put dress in a basket

2/ check out and write in the message for the seller: color and other things you wish to have or change on the dress


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